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WhatsApp, Facetime and Skype safely bring your favorite personal music teacher into your home! Our one-on-one video sessions offer private, custom-tailored music lessons in the comfort and safety of your home. Your teacher will even help guide you through setting up your remote lessons.

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SensAPitch is the only lesson system in the world that can teach Perfect Absolute Pitch to anyone.

What is Absolute Perfect Pitch?

Absolute Perfect Pitch is the “secret sauce” of musical talent characterized by the ability to recognize a note without a reference. Learning to play a new instrument is much easier with Absolute Perfect Pitch as it enhances every aspect of learning music, from playing by ear to sight-reading. It makes listening a richer, full color experience. Up to now, most have thought this to be a rare form of musical genius.

What is Whole-Brain Learning?

Through the Whole-Brain Approach, SensAPitch (TM) engages both the right and left hemispheres of the brain using color and multi-sensory input. We add a combination of melodic and rhythmic instruments to build connections between different regions of the brain. This enhances spatial reasoning abilities that affect math and science comprehension. We use specific strategies that enhance short and long-term memory.

A Before and After illustration of how you start seeing colors in music with SensAPitch. The definition and vibrancy that is added to music allows our students to experience their favorite pieces in a completely new way. Previous experience with lessons or an instrument is Not Needed! Our new students often say it's like hearing their favorite songs for the first time!

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