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Student Songs

Perfect Pitch in 10 Weeks!

One of our amazing students showcases how she LEARNED PERFECT PITCH in 10 weeks with our very own T.A.P. Method!

2013 School of Rock

Every summer, our lucky School of Rock students form their own band, as well as write and record their own songs. There's fun for everyone!

2014 School of Rock

These rockers learned seven songs for their end of camp live concert, even switching instruments for the performance.

2014 Summer Concert

An amazing and diverse performance by dozens of our talented students, on many different instruments, including vocals, piano, drums, and guitar.

2013 School of Rock Promo

Get a rundown of all the fun a student can have at our School of Rock Summer Camps.

2013 Summer Concert

Our students' many talents are heating up at our 2013 Summer Concert.

2012 School of Rock

Students from our 2012 School of Rock Advanced Summer Camp perform.

2011 School of ROCK

The School of Rock performance from the 2011 season. 

2012 Winter Concert

Students enjoy playing festive and other fun tunes at our 2012 Winter Concert.

Mozart's Sonata in C

Played by teVelde student Gabe Rojas at the 2011 Winter Concert.​​

2012 Summer Concert

Students showcase their diverse talents at our 2012 Summer Concert.

Solfeggietto by Bach

Played by teVelde student Gabe Rojas at the 2012 Summer Concert.​

Indian Melody

Performed by teVelde Music owner/CEO, Bonnie teVelde.

Vocal Performance

Performed by teVelde student Kaylee

at a seasonal concert.​​

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