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Elementary Ages: 7 - 12 years

What makes children in the elementary group the perfect age to start lessons? Advanced motor skills, a 'try anything' attitude, and a tendency to be 'fearless' are just a few of the reasons why starting lessons at this age is a lot of fun for the student, and the teacher.

Many of them can remember all of the words to a song, and name which song it is after only hearing a few seconds of it... before anyone else even notices the song is playing in the background. Music may seem to affect their moods, and you may notice that even if they are in a bad mood, hearing their favorite song can get them back to smiling again.

teVelde Conservatory
teVelde Conservatory
If you have only one musical child,

it's pretty obvious that this child is different from the others. He/she may gravitate towards any instrument in a room, and immediately try to figure out how to make a "tune" with it. However, since musical talent may be genetic, it's likely that if one child is musical, there will be more musical children in the family. They simply may not have abilities that look like "typical" musical traits on the surface. If there are grandparents, uncles, aunts, or cousins in the family, you may see a pattern of family members on one or another side of the family who are musical.  Parents can start to think that all children have these qualities, and not see them for the unique musical traits they are. 

The older a child gets the longer it will take

for them to master the art of Absolute Pitch. If you do see any of these traits in yourself, or your child, it is best to start lessons as soon as possible, to make sure they are able to reach their full potential! Children who are multi-lingual, or who have formal music training have a much easier time learning Absolute Perfect Pitch. That said, we are teaching the art of Absolute Perfect Pitch with The T.A.P. Method to every age of student, including adults. It's never too late to get started!

teVelde Conservatory
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