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Pre-School Ages:  2 to 6 years old

The most common sign of musical talent in a toddler is continual singing or humming, and dancing or tapping fingers to the beat. A child who sings, hums, or creates "sound effects" while alone in their room, or throughout the day while they are playing, is a child that is musically gifted, period.  If this gift is accompanied by a family history of musicians, this child needs to start learning Absolute Perfect Pitch at a very young age, age 2 or 3, or as soon as possible. 


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teVelde Conservatory
teVelde Conservatory
teVelde Conservatory
The first years...

Several studies have proven that children, who's parents have listened to various types of music in the womb, respond to the songs their parents listened to differently. 

The music you listen to when you are pregnant, and during the first years of a child's life, set up your child's foundational musical language for life! Classical music seems to stand out as a complex form of music that may positively affect the growth of neurons and connections that grow in a developing brain.  

In short, the single best thing you can do to help your baby develop a love for music, before and after birth, is to listen to as much music (particularly beautiful piano and orchestral music by Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Scarlatti, Handel) as you can. Not only do the children get a better sense of appreciation for music, but as they get older, the music helps regulate brain wave patterns promoting a more calm, relaxed state of mind.

New studies just released now show that children with Perfect Pitch have a much lower incidence of dyslexia, stuttering, or other related language processing problems. Your child's foundation for Absolute Perfect Pitch starts by listening to our SensAPitch books, and hearing music in the womb with the music you listen to. We highly recommend singing the SensAPitch colors of the notes to your baby at every opportunity.  

When to Start...

At age 2 1/2, your child may be ready to begin group classes or even private music lessons. teVelde Preschool Classes begin with teaching children the colors of sound. Beginning lessons are also focused primarily on helping children develop the ability of Perfect Absolute Pitch.  This is called the TAP Method (teVelde Absolute Pitch).

In order for a child of this age to be eligible to start lessons at teVelde, they must have at least 3 of the signs of musical talent, AND have a close relative (mother, father, uncle, aunt, etc.)

Lessons for a little one include perfect pitch instruction, an introduction to the piano, introduction to musical notation, singing, drum & rhythm patterns, and lessons designed specifically for preschoolers with our SensAPitch materials.

Preschool lessons begin at 30 minutes in length, and a parent, grandparent, or guardian is required to be at each lesson. Students may graduate to 2 or 3 lessons per week, and expand the amount of time to 45 minutes or an hour at each one. They may add even more instruments, such as violin or ukulele to the lessons as well. We are currently only teaching SensAPitch to these ages at our conservatory, one-on-one, with a personal instructor matched to each student's developing personality type and musical interests.   

Why we focus on Absolute Pitch

A child with Absolute Perfect Pitch will be naturally good at any instrument they choose. Absolute Pitch makes students exponentially faster at learning music than others. Most children with Absolute Perfect Pitch play many instruments, because learning another one is as easy for them as figuring out the fingerings. 

SensAPitch utilizes multi-sensory learning, engaging the creative side of the brain that affects language, arts, and higher math skills. It develops spatial reasoning abilities, and teaches the child the unique color timbre and vibratory color of each note. 92.7% of our students learn to hear the unique color timbre of at least three notes within the first three months of starting lessons. They continue to learn subsequent notes during the time of their study with us, and the skill will continue to develop into full absolute perfect pitch on each note, including which octave the note resides in. The student will continue to learn to identify multiple notes played at one time, notes played  in different octaves, and chords with their inversions. 

If your child has the signs of musical talent, they have the ability to develop the one skill that will set them apart from the other musicians out there. Only the top 20% of students at Julliard School of Music have Absolute Perfect Pitch. Brilliant composers Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, and Chopin all had Absolute Perfect Pitch. Other famous people with Absolute Perfect Pitch are Celine Dion, Billy Joel, Alicia Keys, and most American Idol winners, just to name a few. 

In musically talented children, every year of lessons before age 6 is critical. You could be setting them up to be that 1 in a million who has fully developed Absolute Perfect Pitch!

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