We offer certified teachers, with years of required and ongoing training, that are employees of the teVelde Conservatory of Music.  Many of our teachers have taught for 5-10 years, and have been playing and learning their instruments for over ten years.  


Our teachers are trained to teach our patented "SensAPitch, A Whole-Brain Music Method"(TM) that teaches students to hear the color difference between each note...Perfect Pitch. Our students learn to read faster, play real music better, and are able to play by ear more easily. Our whole-brain music method teaches you to use both hemispheres of your brain so that you can learn naturally. 


Our waiting rooms allow you to watch the lesson taking place.  This is for parents to get a chance to watch the interaction between student and teacher, and really get full picture of what their child needs to learn at home.


Students can win real awards through attendance to our schools.  Through our involvement with I.C.M.E., students may perform in front of accredited judges, that document their progress every six (6) months, and that give physical proof of skill acquisition and student improvement over time. 


Many of our classrooms are multi-instrumental, with 2 or more instruments  (ie: piano and drums, piano and voice, guitar and drums, flute and ukelele, etc.) in one lesson. We have iPads for our students and teachers to use during the lessons.


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