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Why Pick teVelde?


We evaluate the personality type of each student before beginning lessons. This allows us to custom-tailor the lesson plan and teacher selection with the personality type of the student. Ensuring the highest level of compatibility for the student to learn and grow as a musician.  


We are the only school in the world to teach Perfect Absolute Pitch to all ages. For over 15 years, our teachers are trained to teach our patented "SensAPitch, A Whole-Brain Music Method"(TM) that teaches students to hear the difference in color vibration between each note without reference to an instrument. This is Perfect Absolute Pitch, and it's the "secret sauce" of musical talent. Our students learn to read faster, and are able to play by ear more easily.


Our teachers complete 100+ hours of targeted training in how to present music in a way that is easy to follow, and motivating to play. They complete annual continuing training so that they are current in the latest tips and techniques for learning music! All of our teachers are employees of the teVelde Conservatory of Music, which means they will be around long term.  Many of our teachers have taught for 5-10 years or more, and have been playing and learning their instruments for most of their lives.  


Students earn real awards through attendance to our schools.  Through our involvement with I.C.M.E., Certificate of Merit, and other music organizations, students may perform in front of accredited judges, that document their progress every six (6) months! This allows them to get the most valuable scholarships when they apply for college music programs.  

Contact us to begin your musical journey!

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