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  The teVelde Conservatory of Music has partnered with Keyboard Concepts, the Central Coast's ONLY Authorized Yamaha Retailer, to offer the best new pianos available on the Central Coast! We can work with you to get the piano that is exactly right for your needs.


We have access to both new, demo models, and used pianos... all with Yamaha's 10 year warrantee, Keyboard Concept's exclusive trade up policy, and the best prices available! 

  A good piano is a piano manufactured in the last 10-15 years, with direct action like a Yamaha. Be absolutely sure that a piano you are looking at is not a "brown market" piano. These pianos were manufactured for the Asian Geographic Region, and were made for a substantially higher humidity level than U.S. pianos. This can cause the wood to crack on pianos in the United States that are cured and built for a more humid environment. If you are looking at an older, used piano, make 100% sure that it has been tuned and adjusted every year since it was new. You get what you pay for. The tuner will write his initials in pencil on the inside of the soundboard of the piano. If there are no names there, the piano has not been tuned regularly, and is not adequate for starting lessons on.

  “The best thing my parents did, besides getting me an amazing teacher, was to buy the best new piano they could afford. It let me know that my parents absolutely believed I would live up to my full potential. That piano is still with our family, a constant reminder of how much they believed in all of us.”    

- Bonnie teVelde     

We have pianos for every student, and payment plans for every budget.

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The "B" Series - Upright Pianos


The B series, like all Yamaha pianos, are instruments of extraordinary, natural beauty, combining art, craftsmanship and technology ; a pleasure to play and to own.


Produced at a Yamaha factory in Indonesia from a scale design developed in Japan, B Series pianos are Yamaha’s most affordable entry-level uprights. Although reduced production costs by assembly in Korea allows budget-friendly prices, Yamaha makes no compromises in the materials and workmanship that go into these exceptional uprights. All parts are manufactured in Japan.


With its larger dimensions and heavier construction, the B1 has the smallest footprint, and the lowest price. The B2 delivers a superior sound through added depth and volume. The B3 delivers wonderful, powerful sound, combined with the power of a full sized upright piano. For the ambitious performer on a budget, there is no better piano. And Keyboard Concepts allows lifetime trade-ups to a more professional piano model, as long as the next piano is twice the price of the original piano. This program allows families on a budget to step up to a more expensive instrument as their student's needs increase.

The "U" Series, Professional Upright Pianos


The Yamaha U1 and U3 Upright Pianos are the pianos for the advancing pianist who needs to take their play to the next level. Made exclusively in Japan, by master craftsman, the U1 piano is so smooth, and the sound is so sweet, there is simply no piano that can match the sound. The touch is smooth and the tone is perfection. These pianos come in a variety of finishes, including the classic glossy black with gold trim, the refined polished walnut, and glossy mahogany. Each piano is exquisite, and plays wonderfully. The U1 is 48", while the U3 is a tall 53". The U3 has a huge, grand piano sound, and comes in all of the beautiful finishes that the U1 comes in.


All can be ordered with Silent Technology as an added option. The new Silent Piano™ from Yamaha offers a silent mode that feels exactly the same as a traditional piano, because it utilizes the same action. Instead of hitting strings, the hammers stop just short of the strings, and as they cross the threshold of the sensors, a laser beam triggers a digitally sampled note of a 9" concert grand piano. 


Yamaha's SG Type takes the luxury even more with stereo sampling from the CFIIIS concert grand, making for rich resonance and subtly accurate reproduction. When you wear the headphones, you will swear you are playing a grand piano in a concert hall, while your neighbors in the next room won't hear a thing!

A built in USB port allows recording and playback functions that are conveniently built in. There are also 8 other instrumental sounds that can be played, including organ, electric piano, and several types of pianos.

Clavinova CLP-535

Clavinovas are an option for students who have limited space, and/or are concerned about noise in their environment.  The 535 is an 88 key, weighted, graded hammer action digital piano that feels just like a real piano at about half the price.  It has the added benefit of headphone output so that it can be played silently if needed. The sound in the headphones is wonderful, having been sampled from a Yamaha concert grand piano.

Because it is a true digital piano in a full cabinet, with pedals, this qualifies as an acceptable option for students who are on a limited budget that want to start lessons. Our delivery team can deliver this piano for only $250, and with tax we can get this piano financed at approximately $200 down and $80 per month*.  Call us for current prices.

We also have many more Clavinova models, including the CVP709 Composing Workstation, which is the dream machine of any composer. The CVP709 has the latest Yamaha technology, hundreds of instrument sounds and variants, recording options, hundreds of beats and rhythm combinations, and a large digital screen which allows ease of programming. The pedals modify the sounds, like the fiddle, allowing nuances of ornaments to modify the sound in a way that is incredibly realistic. Our teachers are absolutely hooked on the CVP709 ever since it arrived at the conservatory, and all of our top students own them as a suppliment to their acoustic pianos. Call for pricing.

* Depends on your good credit, and current interest rates.

Baby Grand GB and GC-1


Every pianist deserves to have a beautiful, glossy Yamaha baby grand piano at least once in their life. Yamaha pianos aren't like the cheap baby grands... they are made of thick, quality woods, and the top quality strings and action. All you have to do is play one, or look at one side by side with the inferior brands, to see the quality. Once you play one, you will realize that this is no budget baby grand. This glossy black baby grand piano is so responsive, and so well built, that it just flows under the fingers. The accuracy of its tuning is enhanced by a metal strip that controls overtones so they are precisely correct, and the piano stays wonderfully in tune.

If you prefer to have silent functionality,try the GC1-SH. A piano with the full resonant tone only a grand piano can possess, while allowing completely silent play through laser technology. It's absolutely amazing to hear the sound of the 9' concert grand in the headphones, while your neighbors won't hear a thing unless you want them to!  

These are the most affordible Grand that Yamaha offers, and although the MSRP list prices of the GB-1 start at 12,500, we can get this amazing piano for under $10,000, plus tax and $250 delivery. If your house can accomodate a baby grand piano, this is the one to start with!

Concert Collection Grand C2, C5, C7, C2X, C5X, C7X


The student who plays and learns on these pianos is destined for greatness. Every note is effortless, and in perfect harmony. Every sound is glossy and full bodied. Every line is graceful yet powerful. These pianos are far better, in our opinion, than any new steinway or mason & hamlin piano. Yamaha has decided that they want to make the best grand pianos in the world, and we believe they have done it with this C series of pianos. 


Yamaha's commitment to the continuous reevaluation of the core processes of sound creation has made the grand pianos of the C series the best-selling grand pianos in the world. The technically-demanding regulation process that is essential to a grand piano's superior tone is given special emphasis in these instruments. Countless hours have been spent perfecting the hammers, strings, and the balance of the damping mechanism, with the final goal of rendering each and every note faithful to the intentions of the pianist.


These are the Best Grand Piano's that Yamaha has ever offered, period. Every pianist deserves to play on one, and we believe every student will be lifted by studying on one. There is no better piano for learning a Bach Prelude or a Chopin Scherzi... but Fur Elise sounds absolutely elegant on it. Moonlight Sonata will take you to new heights... Everything sounds like a professional concert pianist is playing it when you are playing on a C series piano. 

This is the piano that students need to practice on if they are going to win competitions, scholarships to college, or compose the music of their dreams.

These pianos also come with an amazing feature called "Disclavier". If you choose to add disclavier to your grand piano, you will have direct access to master classes at Julliard, UCLA, Berkeley, and other top colleges. You will have the ability to practice the big pieces by having the piano play the left hand, while you play the right hand, and vice-versa. You can set the tempo and have it increase to playing speed... the piano becomes your surrogate teacher between lessons. This is the most advanced learning tool for a piano student ever to be invented by anyone, period!

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