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Buying the Best Piano for Your Home

Keyboard Concepts at The teVelde Conservatory of Music is now
the Central Coast's only Authorized Dealer for Pianos!

We have a full selection of Uprights, Baby and Grand Pianos, Clavinovas, and Hybrids available
in a variety of popular finishes! 
20% of all sales go to MUSE Arts Education, Inc.


Yamaha Piano Sale to Benefit

MUSE Arts Education


The sale parking lot sale is over, but we have new pianos to sell...


Yamaha has teamed us up with Keyboard Concepts, the number one Yamaha Dealers in the Los Angeles Area, and allowed us to display several of the most popular Yamaha piano models in our San Luis Obispo showroom!


Our goal is to give San Luis Obispo County families the opportunity to purchase and play on the best quality pianos money can buy. We are affiliated with the number one Yamaha dealer in Los Angeles, so our pricepoint is determined by how many pianos are sold at Keyboard Concept's Five showrooms!  That means deep discounts for all of our students. We are sharing our discounts with the general community so people don't have to drive to Los Angeles to get a piano for their family.


After several years, this program has been a wonderful benefit to not only our students, but the general public in San Luis Obispo. SLO residents benefit from LA prices. TCM students benefit from lower prices and having beautiful pianos to learn on.


With the elevation of our schools to "conservatory" status, the partnership with Yamaha has come to mean even more to us. We truly believe that every one of our students needs to play on a high quality piano like a Yamaha.


Now we are partnering with Muse Arts Education to donate 20% of our profits to scholarships for students with severe hardships and/or handicaps.

Students who purchase a new piano will receive:

1) 5% off of their TCM tuition for 3 months.

2) A tax deduction for donating their old piano to MUSE* (the old piano must be in good condition).

3) Free Delivery, Tuning, and 10 Year Warrantee.


Thank you for supporting your school! -  Bonnie


Muse Arts Education, Inc.
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