How to Start Lessons at teVelde Conservatory of Music

​​​Complete a Personality Assessment

We assign teachers based on personality type.  Who teaches you or your child is important to us, and learning style is everything.  We make sure that you and your teacher are a perfect match to get the best potential from you or your child.  Once you've contacted us about lessons, we'll send over a quiz to take for us to get a good feel on what your personality type is, and adjust from there.


Come Take a Free Tour, and Be Placed on our Waiting List:


Due to the recent influx of new students, and the majority of our students remaining in lessons between 5 and 10 years, we have been growing exponentially every year. As we continue to grow, we want to insure that every student has the greatest opportunity for success. Our goal is to instill a love of music in our students, and we want them to stay with us until they have mastered their instrument(s) (10+ years if possible). This is only possible if the student receives: 1) the right teacher, 2) a quality instrument, and 3) enough time in lessons to get proficient quickly.  We will only start lessons when we know students are absolutely set up for success.


In order to assist you with making a decision on whether lessons at teVelde are right for you and your family, we have set aside one hour appointment times for you to take a tour of our beautiful facilities in San Luis Obispo. These tours are given free of charge, and are an important part of us getting to know eachother.  In this 60 min tour we show you our conservatory, including teaching and waiting rooms. We can also answer questions about Yamaha pianos, lesson rates, and tuition policies. Depending on the time, you may also have an opportunity to witness students and teachers during some of the lessons that are taking place.


We also invite all prospective students to attend our concerts and get to know our musical family. You and/or your family will see, first hand, what our students achieve in each year of lessons. You may also speak with our teachers, parents, and students to get a real feel for who we are.


We also have summer camp programs, group classes, and other fun activities that are offered to the general public. If you would like to be the first to know about new programs, let us know and you will be added to our student email list.


Step 3

Step 4

Purchase or Obtain the Best Instrument You Can Afford


As Chopin said to his students, "my students should practice on the best instrument they can afford". Lessons on a quality instrument are easy. It makes a huge difference to start lessons on an instrument that responds to you in a way that supports your learning experience.


In conjuction with Yamaha Corporation and Keyboard Concepts, the largest piano dealer in the United States, teVelde Conservatory of Music students now have access to special pricing levels not available anywhere else. Yamaha instruments and pianos are the best in the world, not only for sound but for quality and worksmanship. We are currently the only place in San Luis Obispo county to obtain a new piano.  Our conservatory of music in San Luis Obispo has a Yamaha piano showroom, with the latest models in a variety of colors and with an assortment of popular features. We have access to grands and consoles, with hybrid, and digital options. To make an appointment to view our pianos for sale, call:  (805)543-1064.




Attend Your Intake Appointment and First Lesson!


When we contact you, you will be scheduled for an intake appointment to go over the kidzmet results. We want to find out exactly what the student's personality type and learning style is, and we will make sure that the resulting profile is as accurate as possible. You or your child will receive a first lesson, where the teacher will be documenting exactly which method of study will work best. From there, a teacher will be chosen, and a regular weekly lesson scheduled. Our teachers are trained to work with specific personality types, learning styles, instruments, and styles of music. All of our teachers teach perfect pitch.

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