Music Lesson Packages Available for All Students and All Interests


  • Early Exposure Blast Off Package: The teVelde Conservatory of Music is the only music school that has a curriculum, SENSAPITCH (TM), specifically designed for students ages 2-5 to get them blasting off with music and enjoying all the developmental benefits that early exposure to music lessons offer.


  • Quick Start Package: Set yourself up for the fastest growth and success at any age by getting the best introduction to music lessons, through an intensive start on one or more instruments, five-days-a-week for two weeks, along with developing powerful perfect pitch skills with our revolutionary SENSAPITCH Whole-Brain Music Method (TM).

  • Rock Star Package: Find your inner Rocker and unleash the power of your creativity! Have fun playing your favorite band's songs as you maximize your multi-instrumental skills on your way to being the Rock star you've always dreamed you could be!

  • Classical Master Package: Study the techniques and epic compositions of the great master composers, like Beethoven, Bach, Chopin, and Mozart, along with advanced music theory, to become a powerhouse classical master yourself!

  • Jazz Master Package: Master the art of the smooth, layered style of jazz by studying the techniques and compositions of great jazz artists and composers, like Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk and Wes Montgomery, along with advanced jazz theory.

  • Groove Master Package: Let loose your inner beat maker and become a skilled drummer or percussionist versatile in various time signatures, genres and grooves. Learn to be a solid backbone of a band and push the limits of the art of the drum solo.

  • Shredder Package: You've found the spot where you can finally learn how to shred the guitar like your favorite guitar heroes, such as Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eddie Van Halen, and John Petrucci, along with music theory that will have you commanding chords and scales all over the fretboard.

  • Vocal Star Package: You've always wanted to sing. Now's the perfect time to start building your singing voice! And we help you do so in a healthy way that nurtures your natural talent and singing voice, as well as helping you grow as a singer.

  • Composer Package: Pursue your dream of writing, composing and arranging music for orchestra and ensembles. Great for aspiring Film & TV music producers. 


  • Singer/Songwriter Package: Learn the instruments that you love and that will help you deliver your musical message. We need singer/songwriters to help tell our stories of what it's like to be human. Here, you can develop your own sound and voice in this modern music era.


  • Production/Recording Package: Get the necessary knowledge, skills and first-hand experience engineering, recording and producing music. Apply your talents to boost your personal recordings or make a career out of helping local artists produce high-quality music.


  • Senior Rockers Package: It's never too late to start music lessons and get the wonderful benefits of musical enrichment! Recent studies show that music is the most powerful thing that helps the brain stay active, nimble and ward off cognitive decline. So, come fall in love with music today!



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