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What if there was a career path where you could utilize your passion for music AND make a good living at the same time?

What if there was a place that you could work where you could come in every day to a steady schedule of the best students, custom-tailored to exactly the type of lesson you love teaching most?

What if there were a place where you could get comprehensive training on teaching an excellent music lesson, customized for your student no matter what age or personality type they have?

What if you could have your dream job, teaching your dream students, and do exactly what you love every day?

What if you could come home after work each day, having not noticed the clock once because you were so engaged in your life's work?

What if there were a job where you feel good every single day of your work life?

What if you had a position where you could combine your love of music, teaching, and travel by teaching in any one of our schools in other US locations, or even in Europe or Central America?

If that's the kind of job you are looking for, teVelde may be the place for you.

10 Questions that indicate our certification program could change your teaching career for life:


  1. Have you always wanted to share your musical gifts with others, but don't want to have to start a business and do the marketing and management necessary to teach on your own?

  2. Have you applied for a teaching position at a school only to find that the hours are very long, and the pay isn't very good... and it's exhausting for you to work with a classroom of 30-40 kids every day?

  3. Do you have an outgoing, patient, kind, positive, and generous personality type?

  4. Do you care deeply about people, and want to make a real difference with your life?

  5. Have you thought of or started teaching out of your home, driving to student's homes, or meeting online, and found yourself exhausted by the continual marketing and effort it takes to bring in high quality students who want to stick with you for 10-15 years?

  6. Do you want to elevate your teaching to the next level, and know what a truly professional music lesson should look like? 

  7. Do you understand the adjudication processes of The International Conservatory of Music Educators, The National Guild of Piano Teachers, Certificate of Merit, California Music Teachers Association, or the Music Teacher National Association? Do you know which organization would be best for your students, and how their programs work? What about music competitions?

  8. Have you graduated from a music degree program at a college or university, taken lessons as a child, but never really learned how to teach real students, first hand?

  9. Do you care about the quality of your work, and want to be the absolutely best music teacher you can possibly be?

  10. Would you rather learn what works ahead of time, and have stable income from succesful students, rather than spending years figuring it all out while you lose students and live from tuition check to tuition check?

It's one thing to play an instrument, or sing. It's quite another to create a lesson plan, choose good curriculum for your student, and motivate them for years while they are starting from scratch. Most college pedagogy programs don't spend much time, if any, actually giving student teachers contact with real students in real lessons. Most music teachers lose 90% of their students in the first year of teaching lessons. That means constantly marketing to get more students, and lots of beginners for years while you try to figure out what will make them stick with it. There hasn't been anywhere you could go to really learn how to teach an excellent lesson, custom-tailored to your student's age and personality type, with specific components to motivate them to do their highest work. There wasn't anywhere you could go to learn how to work with adjudication and competitions, so that when you enter a student, they do well and love the experience! There are so many other factors: how much do you charge? What are your cancellation policies? What if people don't pay, or bounce a check? What if they don't show up for lessons, or come in sick? How long should lessons be? How long is too long? How short is too short? What about summers and vacation times? How do you make a living when everyone is gone for the holidays? What about paying taxes on your income?


What about starting your own school, where you hire other teachers to teach? How much do you pay them? How do you train them? What do you require from them? What if they steal your students? Are they employees or sub-contractors? What if you make a mistake on that? How do you build a successful school? Soundproofing? Air-conditioning? What equipment do you need? Technology? Computers & Programs? Pianos & Instruments? Room setup? Waiting rooms? Cleaning? Insurance? Who can sue you and why? Security systems? Hiring? Background checks? Teaching Contracts? Training? Curriculum?

There is a place where you can learn ALL of this knowledge...before you make critical mistakes that cost you thousands of wasted dollars! At teVelde Conservatory of Music, we have taught over 50 music teachers of piano, voice, guitar, drums, ukulele, cello, saxophone, trumpet, and more. We have taught our teachers to teach students from the pre-school ages of 2-5, the elementary ages of 6-10, pre-teens ages 11-13, teens ages 14-19, adults ages 20-55, and seniors, ages 56 and older. We have taught our teachers to work with beginning, intermediate, and advanced students, utilizing the tools of adjudication, live concerts, camps, and classes so that the student gets as many opportunities for exposure to music as possible. Our teachers learn to work one-on-one, co-teaching with another senior teacher, teaching students in pairs on duets, in small family "bands" of 3-5 students, in medium groups of 6-10 students, and in larger groups of 11-25 students.  

Teachers who have completed our teaching certification will receive a embossed certificate as well as a signed letter of recommendation for employment at any organized music school, world-wide.  Any teacher with a teVelde teaching certification will be considered for joining our career teaching teams at teVelde Schools of Music, either in San Luis Obispo, Arroyo Grande, or as we open franchises in Santa Barbara, Thousand Oaks, Los Angeles, San Diego, Monterrey, San Jose, Santa Rosa, Napa, or other locations in the US in the next 5 years, and world-wide in the next 7 years. Cities being considered for international franchises include: Utrecht, Netherlands; Paris, France; Barcelona, Spain; and Genoa, Italy. We will also be opening sister schools in Mexico, Costa Rica, and The Bahamas. Certificate holders may apply to be chosen for an internship abroad, as well as in the US.


teVelde is also in the process of franchising our Schools of Music in the US, and top students in our certification programs may be invited for selection to attend our additional, 3 month music school management training program. Graduates of this program will receive an embossed music school management certificate, and a detailed letter of recommendation for a management position at any organized music school, world-wide. Top students in the management training program may be considered for a teVelde School of Music franchise. 

What if your child is a music student who would be highly benefited by mentoring another student? How do you make sure your child knows what they should and should not do at a lesson? How do you make sure your child is placed with the right student to mentor? How will your child understand the personality traits of their students? How will they know the curriculum the student is working on, and how will they document the lesson they teach?

We have a tutor training program specifically designed for students, ages 10 & up, who would like to learn how to mentor another music student. We teach each student about Meyers-Briggs personality types, and how each type interacts with another. We teach them how to teach lessons to various age students, and what they are qualified to do, and what they are not allowed to do. They learn how to check out lessons in our client management system, and how to document the subjects they taught during the lesson. The tutor training program has been broken up into 3 levels, as follows:

  1. Tutor Training 1: Tutors will learn personality type, sensAPitch perfect pitch and whole-brain music method notes C,B,G,&E for pre-schoolers, Faber books A, B, C, & Primer Level curriculum

  2. Tutor Training 2: Tutors will learn more advanced sensapitch, notes F,D,A, and Level 2A tutoring material.

  3. Tutor Training 3-Special Needs: Students will learn how to work with students with special needs, including visual and hearing impairment, autism/asbergers, ADD/HD, and more. Also higher level tutoring skills, including level 2B and 3A DOE.

Our tutor training camps are offered in the summers, and are usually taught in one week sessions, each. A student must complete tutor training in order, 1,2,3. Upon completion of the class, and passing of the final exam, the tutor will receive a certificate of training valid for the period of 1 year. Tutors are then qualified to work at teVelde Conservatory of Music, or any other music school that offers free tutoring to their student body. (Student may ask for a recommendation letter for employment application to a different school.)

We are in the process of building a beautiful, state-of-the-art teaching conservatory in San Luis Obispo County that will have over 5,000 square feet of teaching space, a concert hall, a recording studio, teacher lounge, offices, and waiting rooms. We will also be adding some teacher housing on the property. Our goal is to complete this project by December, 2022. 


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